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How many square feet in an acor?

There are 4840 square yards in an acre, and 9 sq. ft. in a sq. yd., so the maths is easy.
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What sat acores do you need to go to penn state university?

In order to be accepted into Penn State University, you would needan SAT score of at least 1600. You would also need an ACT score ofat least 22 and a B average.
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How many acores are in everglades national park?

There are 1,509,000 acres in Everglades National Park. It is the third largest National Park in the U.S.. \n
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How many sq ft in 6.4 acors?

1 acre = 43,560 sq ft 2 acres = 87,120 sq ft . . 6.4 acres = 278,784 sq ft
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Is a neon palythoa acoral reef plant or animal?

a palythoa is a coral reef animal because it doesnt make its own food it eats driftfood such as plankton that float through the water.
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What does the business Acore do?

Acore stands for American Council on Renewable Energy. Acore is primarily a company that looks into cleaner, renewable energy. It is not really a company, but a government age ( Full Answer )
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What can a tiny acor turn into?

I assume you meant an acorn, which is the nut-like seed of the Oaktree. Therefore, on saying is: From tiny acorns doth mighty Oaktrees grow! There are other variations of this ( Full Answer )