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What is the risk of a municipal bond?

  ----   Depending on the number of days to call (or maturity), coupon rate, and price paid, any bond will have a different yield to worst (the lower of the yield to ma (MORE)

What is a 50H hearing in Municipal Law?

Answer   A 50h hearing occurs when a lawsuit is filed against a municipality. It is similar to a deposition because there are usually attorneys that represent both the Cl (MORE)

What are pre-refunded municipal bonds?

  When a municipality has sufficient funds but cannot call the bond before the maturity, it can buy Treasuries, place them in an escrow account, and use the interest proce (MORE)

How many municipal corporation in Bangladesh?

There are 10 city corporations in Bangladesh. 1. Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) 2. Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) 3. Khulna City Corporation (KCC) 4. Rajshahi City Co (MORE)

What is a municipal system?

A municipal system is anything that has to do with a city or town.  The day-to-day operations of a city are part of the municipal  system. The water supply and other resourc (MORE)

What is municipal court?

it is a lower court which usually tries criminal misdemeanors and civil lawsuits involving lesser amounts of money than superior, district or county courts. The authority, imp (MORE)

How many municipalities are in Qatar?

There are 7 Municipalities in Qatar as of 2004 They include: - Ad Dawhah, Al Daayen, Al Khawr, Al Wakrah, Ar Rayyan, Madinat ach Shamal, Umm Salal
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What is the importance of risk management in a municipality?

It is important to manage risks in any organization. If you know what can go wrong and do your best to develop contingency plans for many risks, you can mitigate (reduce the d (MORE)