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Which liquid copper additive works best?

Bardahl,s STOP LEAK WITH THE PELLETS is the best stop leak I have ever used,I have had it seal water pumps which is tough.Best of all it is cheap answer all stop leak addit (MORE)
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How can chlorine levels register 0 to dark orange with the addition of a little liquid chlorine?

Answer . Do you mean that adding a little chlorine made the reading go from 0 to a higher level? You should shock your pool once a week with 1L of liquid chlorine per 1000 (MORE)
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What are additives?

Cattle need balanced ration containing all nutrients inproportionate amount. Besides such nutritious food material, certain feedadditives containing micronutrients promote the (MORE)
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What is addition?

Addition [3+47] Addition is a way of combining 2 numbers. For example: I have two apples and Joe gave me 2 more..I now have 4 apples if I count all of them up!
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What is an additive?

An additive is a substance added to another substance or product in order to alter its properties. It can be variously applied to an arithmetical function or concept, rhythm, (MORE)
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How do you do addition?

To do addition, you need to know how to count. Let's do the problem 4+5. Start from four, and count five numbers. One, two, three, four, five. (Starting at four) Five, six, se (MORE)
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Why is there addition?

well what do you expect. "For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction." There is subtraction, and the opposite is addition.