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What is contextual approach?

The increasing tendency of courts to view employee misconduct within tjhe overall context of the employment relationship, including length of service and work and disciplinary (MORE)

What does contextual mean?

when u read something and understand it by how its written.... for example a person who reads the bible from a contextual apporoach intrepets the bible from the dates and chro (MORE)
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What is contextual perspective?

Contextual perspective is a specific view of human development. Incontextual perspective, a person is seen as one and the same as thesocial context.

What is contextual guessing?

Contextual guessing is making a guess based on the context of the passage you're reading. (i know its a bad def.) For example, if you were reading about a war between the nort (MORE)
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What is contextual reality?

A literal definition would be, a reality within a specific context. The reality of one context, situation, etc. might not be universal so in that particular circumstance it is (MORE)

What is a contextual tab?

If someone mentions contextual tab, they are talking about Microsoft Office Word 2007. In that program, a contextual tab is a tab along the top that only appears when you have (MORE)

What is contextual argument?

It is an argument derived from the context of the topic. For example two persons, a man and a woman are talking: Man: That lady over there is very beautiful Woman: I a (MORE)