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What was the centre of the universe?

no one knows what is the centre of the universe, but there are many beliefs: 1) maybe there is an ultimate black hole 2) maybe dark matter or dark energy 3) maybe some remnant (MORE)

What is the centre of the universe?

Without knowing where the boundaries of the universe are it is impossible to determine where the centre is. The milky way is just a cluster of galaxies and there are countless (MORE)

What is administration?

        According to Theo Haimann, “Administration means   overall determination of policies, setting of major objectives, the   identification of gene (MORE)

How do you spell centre is it centre or center?

It might be both because of the movie Journey to the centre of the earth.I read the book and also asked this question.I asked my best friend too my 2nd grade teacher and my sc (MORE)

How do you spell centre?

The spelling "centre is the UK variant of the US spelling center (central point, shopping mall).
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What is a website administrator?

The person that controls the website, usually the owner but could be defined as the 'person authorised to make changes' - so the developer, the owner, maybe their son / daught (MORE)
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What is SL administration?

When referring to medication administration "S.L." represents Sub-Lingual or under the tongue. Some specialized medicines are formulated to dissolve rapidly and be absorbed th (MORE)
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What is the floor area of ATL Logistics Centre Centre B?

The floor area of ATL Logistics Centre Centre B is 9,329,000 square  feet.
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