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What does AFK mean?

AFK stands for ' A way F rom K eyboard'. The meaning is self-explanatory: if you leave your computer or console without disconnecting from the game, you are AFK. Usually a (MORE)

How do you become AFK in Pirates online?

you have to stand there for about 10-20 minutes without moving or drawing out a weapon. No actually in the chat bar put a slash the one under the question mark then put afk a (MORE)

What does afk mean in mw2?

well it actually means "away from keyboard" but if used in a game like mw2 it just means that someone's character is just standing in one place while the game is going on. thi (MORE)

Why do people randomly go afk?

Well the letters "afk" stands for "Away from Keyboard", so there's your answer. People type afk to signify they are no longer in front of their computer. It is used interchang (MORE)

What does semi afk mean?

it means being partly not at your computer, so you wouldnt be there but you would....kinda like how it means half away from keyboard XD