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What Beatles album is From Me To You from?

That's a REALLY good question....somewhat difficult to research. However, here's the answer: It was released only as a single in the US on VeeJay (they had the rights BEFO (MORE)

What is an album?

1 . a book where pictures stamps and stickers are put in 2. a CD that has not only one song but many

What is the best HIM album?

This is an opinion question. I personally think that Love Metal is the best; it is consistently strong, it has several killer tracks and is heavier than many. Dark Light i (MORE)

What is an album version?

The album version of a song is the version that is recorded on aregular album. It is also commonly called the long version. Theadjectives album and long are used to differenti (MORE)

What album does kesha have?

Ke$ha's album is Animal. It has 14 songs: 1. Your Love is my Drug 2. Tik Tok 3. Take it Off 4. Ki$$ N' Tell 5. Stephen 6. Blah Blah Blah feat. 3OH!3 7. Hungover 8. Party at a (MORE)

What albums do acdc have?

They have made about 17 albums total! hopefully making more! T.N.T, High Voltage, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There be Rock, Powerage, Highway to Hell, Back in Black, For (MORE)
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Which album was eminem 1st album?

This depends on your definition of album. The first source of original music by Eminem would be the 1996 Infinite album. It is the only album of Eminems that hasn't been giv (MORE)