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How do you get Alexander in dragonfable?

You have to have a Dragon Amulet - if you do, go to Swordhaven, go up to the central gate - the one that's locked and has two guards - then go left until you find another gate (MORE)

Who was Alexander Fleming?

Alexander Fleming was a scientist, born near Darvel in Ayrshire, Scotland, on 6 August 1881. He was educated at St Mary's Hospital medical school in London until World War I. (MORE)

How was Alexander not great?

Why was Alexander III of Macedon called 'Great'? The answer seemsrelatively straightforward: from an early age he was an achiever,he conquered territories on a superhuman scal (MORE)

Who is Alexander?

Alexander the great is the king of Macedonia, he contributed a lot to the Macedonian expansion. One of his most famous story was about him taming a horse thought to be impossi (MORE)

Who is Lauren Alexander?

  Lauren Alexander is a very young up and coming country music singer who is becoming very popular. See link below.
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What did Alexander the Great have?

He had an army of over 30,000 cavalry and infantry. He conquered  central and western Asia, and Egypt. He modestly named over 30  cities which he founded Alexandria after hi (MORE)

Who is Cyril of Alexander?

St Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria from 412 to 444 is the murder of  Hypatia, the last Platonic Philosopher and a teacher of  Mathematics. In 415, Cyril had lost the confiden (MORE)
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What is Ian Hislop famous for?

Ian Hislop is a British personality best known for his role as team captain on BBC quiz show, "Have I Got News for You." Ian Hislop was also an editor for the magazine "Priva (MORE)