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How Alexandra Huci die?

Alexandra Huci passed away at the age of 12 years old from  collapsing from training to much in Gymnastics.

Who was Alexandra huci?

Alexandra Huci was a 12-year-old gymnast in 2001. She was born into a poor family and had high hopes of competing in the 2008 olympics, which would give her a bright future. T (MORE)

Is the name Alexandra a muslim name?

Of course not. Alexander (male name), Alexandra (female) and Alexandria (the city) are named for Alexander the Great who was of course (Greek) Macedonian.
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Who is Alexandra Stan?

Alexandra Ioanna Stan is a Romanian singer. She released her début single, "Lollipop", in late 2009. The song impacted United States mainstream radios in early 2010, peaking (MORE)

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