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Wolf gang amadeus Mozart?

This question is too vague. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer (someone who writes music). He lived from 1756-1791, meaning he was 35 years old when he died. If you want t (MORE)

Was wolfgang amadeus Mozart married?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous musical genius born in  Salzburgo, married Constanze Weber in the year 1782, not without  causing some uproar in both families, since his (MORE)

Did wolfgang amadeus Mozart have tourettes?

Yes. In 1992, an article was written in the British Medical Journal, speculating that Mozart had Tourette Syndrome. The truth is we will probably never know whether he had Tou (MORE)

Where was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart buried at?

No one knows where Mozart was buried because in old days they buried people in one big pit. It was to hard to keep track of the people they buried in each pit. Mozart was not (MORE)

Who wrote Amadeus?

The play, Amadeus, was written by Peter Shaffer. Shaffer also wrote  the screenplay for the 1984 movie of the same name. The film was  produced by Saul Zaentz and directed b (MORE)

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