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Who is editor in chief of Amar Ujala?

The editor-in-chief of Amar Ujala is Govind Singh. Amar Ujala is  the fourth largest Hindi-language daily newspaper in India. It has  30 million readers with a circulation o (MORE)

What is amare in Latin?

Amare is Latin for "to love." It's also a passive singular imperative of the same verb, meaing "be loved!" Coincidentally, it's also an adverb meaning "bitterly," or a voc (MORE)
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Did amare stoudamire kill somebody?

people think he killed someone because of the tear drop tattoo but that also means if you have lost a loved one which he did, so he did NOT kill anyone

What does te amar mean?

This would not usually be used with the infinitive form of the verb. "Amar" is the Spanish verb meaning "to love". "Te" is the informal ojective pronoun for "you". The closest (MORE)

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