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Is dynamex inc a publicly owned company?

Dynamex Inc is publicly held delivery company--while a totally separate company is DYNAMEX Corporation, a privately held company in Carson, CA, that designs, develops and buil (MORE)
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Who owns american apparel inc?

The company American apparel inc. is owned by a Canadian man named Dov Charney. He is the current CEO of the company and he founded the company in the year 1989.
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Who are the American presidents of the twentieth century?

The American Presidents of the Twentieth (20th) Century are as follows: 26th President Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-190927th President William Howard Taft, 1909-191328th President (MORE)

Is the company General Motors American?

Yes. General Motors Corporation, commonly known as GM, is a North American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors acts in most countrie (MORE)

Does Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd Inc have a company website?

Swinton Avenue Trading LTD Inc. is located at 6600 North Military  Trail, Boca Raton, Florida 33496. They are manufacturers of office  supplies sold on such websites as Offi (MORE)

Does the company Webb and Knapp Inc still exist?

Webb and Knapp offered stock in 1955 at a par value of 10 cents per share. I have not been able to determine if they still exist. My father had 100 shares. He gave everything (MORE)