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What American festival was 'Jingle Bells' originally written for?

It was written 1850 for a Sunday school concert on Thanksgiving. But in a Christmas play in Boston, the choir sang 'Jingle Bells' and it then became a Christmas tune.
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Why did the American Indians Dance?

The American Indians "Amerinds" danced because they told stories through it. It was to them an entertaining way to pass on the tribes legends .Tribes were also very much i (MORE)

Why did native Americans dance?

Native Americans danced to show important stories of their history or religion. Also, Indians danced for celebrations of new or large harvests, war success, marriages, and oth (MORE)

What was native American scalp dance?

Every tribe was different, but among the Plains tribes it was common practice for a war party to set out to avenge the death of a member of their own tribe. So a Crow war pa (MORE)

What is a dance festival?

It's a cultural event consisting of great dancers and companies  from one or several places (often different cities or even  countries) performing at one location for a cert (MORE)

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