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How were the Native Americans affected by the Transcontinental Railroad?

The Native Americans were affected by the Transcontinental Railroad due to the fact that this railroad needed land across the country, which involved taking Native American La (MORE)

How long was the first Transcontinental Railroad?

The First Transcontinental Railroad consisted of two pieces, the Union Pacific line running west from Omaha, Nebraska for 1,087 miles and the Central Pacific line running east (MORE)

How did the transcontinental railroad effect the Native American?

It traspassed into native American land and at the time there was alot of conflict between white settlers taking over the native Americans lands. the transcontinental railroad (MORE)

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When and where was the first transcontinental railroad line completed?

From Council Bluffs, Iowa. to Oakland, California.meeting in the  middle at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory for a total distance of  .1907 miles.   It was built betwee (MORE)