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What improvement of physics to society?

Physics has created a lot of improvements within the society. It plays a major role in the case of engineering studies. For example statics in mechanics which is a part of phy (MORE)
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Is physics related society why?

Yes! I think that physics is the science that is related to society.Because it deals with the physical aspects of a person and society is always made up of individuals or grou (MORE)

How do physics technology and society related?

Physics, technology, and society are related through their common  use of communication. All of the early communication technologies  like the telegraph and telephone lead t (MORE)
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Importance of physics in our society?

Physics is extremely important in our society. We use physics in  everyday life. The water in our sinks is because of physics and the  laws of physics. All modes of transpor (MORE)

What is the role of physics in the society?

Physics is used in a number of industries Forensics for one. Though,more importantly was the major requirement for the inventions of most of the technologies we have in our li (MORE)

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The importance of physics and technology to society?

  Answer   We use physics to fly and work with heavy stuff like ships and building things. Technology is everything that humans invent to help out with daily life, su (MORE)

Physics in relation to society and technology?

The connection between physics, technology and society can be seen in many examples. The discipline of thermodynamics arose from the need to understand and improve the working (MORE)

What is the importance of physical education in society?

because the government doesn't want people (Americans) getting  obese which can lead to diabetes and bone loss due to lack of  exercise.   Physical education helps the p (MORE)
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Contribution of physics to society?

absolutely we know gravity exists? We can design suspension bridges? actually if it wasn't for physics there wouldn't be most of today's things that we take for (MORE)