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How were the Anabaptist different from the Catholics and the Protestants?

The Anabaptists began when some German Princes wanted to manage the  marriages in their kingdoms without papal interference. Although  they agreed with many reform policies, (MORE)

Who were the Anabaptists?

The Anabaptists are Christians of the Radical Reformation . Several congregations at different times in history have been labeled Anabaptist, but the title is used most common (MORE)

Who founded Anabaptist?

Ulrich Zwingli was the person who was credited with starting the  Anabaptists. He was concerned that baptism should only be for those  who understood the purpose of the rite (MORE)

Why did Catholics and Protestants persecute the Anabaptist?

Because, given the freedom to do it, members of one religion will always persecute members of another. Religions hate the inference that there might be a fault in their doctri (MORE)