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Why animals make the sounds they do?

animals make the sounds they do is just like human languages.... for example a whistle may mean they are calling for their family. The animals make the sounds they do because (MORE)

What sound does the animal mole sound like?

To answer your question it doesn't sound like anything really !!! Well, actually the one my dog just dug up was making sounds like a bird chirping sound, as in a young robin (MORE)

What animal makes the snarl sound?

tigers,bears,lions,cheetas,angry dogs,jaguars,dingoes,wolves,foxes,hyenas,puma,lepord,white tigers that is a list of all snarling animals
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How do animals use echo sounding?

they let a high pitched sound out of their mouth and it echo's back if it's hit's something if not it keep moving until i does Many types of bats as well as aquatic mammals su (MORE)

Animal which can hear infrasonic sound?

Animals that can hear infrasonic sounds are; frogs snakes ants dogs fishes whales beetles pigeons Usally, small animals can hear infrasonic sounds because they catches low fre (MORE)

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