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Which country is pastor Anita Oyakhilome from?

Anita Oyakhilome is Swiss-Nigerian, and her father hails from Edo  state, as does husband Chris Oyakhilome. Anita is the oldest  daughter of a family of five, and has a degr (MORE)

How do you understand the ending of Anita Shreve's They last time they met?

I think that   - Linda has died during the accident being 17 years old   - except for the first time they met, all other encounters were FICTIONAL, means Thomas wrote th (MORE)

Anita Desai summary of the story pineapple cake?

It is about this mom that wants her child to behave well at this meeting/weeding. So she tells him that if he behaves well he will get pineapple cake. At the end he behaves we (MORE)
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Have you herd of Mihir Sen and Anita Sood?

they all were physically challenged and swam across the english channel
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Why did Anita Baker and husband divorce?

Anita Baker was married to husband Walter Bridgforth in 1988. They  separated in 2005 and divorced two years later. Supposedly, Walter  cheated on Anita multiple times.
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How old is Anita Ekberg?

Anita Ekberg was 83 years old when she died on January 11, 2015 (birthdate September 29, 1931).
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Where can one purchase Anita nursing bras?

Anita brand nursing bras are available from many different retailers. Included in the long list of retailers who sell this product are stores like Macy's and Nordstrom. They a (MORE)

What has the author Anita Kalair written?

Anita Kalair has written: 'Applying the universal declaration of human rights as a business code of conduct' -- subject(s): Business enterprises, Business ethics, Dissertati (MORE)