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Is anita pallenberg married?

  No, Anita is not married. She was once the common-law wife of Keith Richards, but they broke up in 1979 after over a decade together. They had three children- Marlon, An (MORE)
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Which country is pastor Anita Oyakhilome from?

Anita Oyakhilome is Swiss-Nigerian, and her father hails from Edo  state, as does husband Chris Oyakhilome. Anita is the oldest  daughter of a family of five, and has a degr (MORE)
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Does Anita Ward have kids?

Yes, Anita Ward has a 20 year old daughter who attends Murray State College in Murray, Kentucky. She is a singer as well who studies classical music and is a junior in college (MORE)

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Is Anita Dittman still alive?

I believe so because i read a commant on youtube that she spoke at a school not to long ago

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How old is Anita Ekberg?

Anita Ekberg was 83 years old when she died on January 11, 2015 (birthdate September 29, 1931).
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