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Can a divorce be annulled?

A divorce can indeed be annulled. You need to check the laws in  your particular jurisdiction. There are several advantages  including not having to be remarried, negating p (MORE)

What is annulment letter?

An annulment is a legal procedure which declares a marriage null and void, or having no legal effect. It is NOT a divorce, it means that the marriage was never legitimate to b (MORE)

Should annulment be legalized in the Philippines?

Yes. Besides many other reasons, most important is that the two people in a relationship themselves are the best people to decide when there is no more "forward".... if even o (MORE)

What are the effects of annulment?

The effects of a marriage annulment is the Roman Catholic Church's  way of stating a marriage never took place. The participants are  allowed to marry again. However, in the (MORE)

When can a marriage be annulled?

Annulments can be a complicated and confusing process and unfortunately, thee are no set standards to help you determine whether or not it will be granted. There is generally (MORE)

Is annulment a sin?

Of course not, an annulment is nothing other than the Church's decision that no valid marriage was contracted in the first place.
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Can a Catholic marriage be annulled?

Yes, a Catholic marriage can be annulled under specific conditions.   Roman Catholic AnswerOne clarification, for those who are not completely clear on what an annulment is (MORE)