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What is the meant by anomaly in database?

Data anamaly means same type of data present in database as a duplication.So while updating or modifying the information in the database we gets the problem of data inconsiste (MORE)
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Why are anomaly important?

An anomoly is always important, not necessarily in a learning situation, but just because the presence of an opposite is interesting to study and form opinions.
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What is the difference between misuse intrusion detection and anomaly intrusion detection?

Misuse IDS trying to detect abnormal behavior by analyzing the given traffic and matching several rules. based on Analysis and comparison with the Rules the system can detect (MORE)

What is chloride anomaly?

In reference to Electrolysis, the chloride anomaly is the tendency for chloride ions to react with the water molecules in an electrolytic cell which defies the common trend of (MORE)

What are anomalies?

Anomalies are results that are cleary out of line. To elaborate a little, this does not necessarily mean that the results are errors, or indications of poor experimental desig (MORE)

What is market anomalies in efficient market?

The main feature of efficient markets is that they are not predictable. For example, if the stock market (e.g. NYSE) is efficient, it follows that it is impossible to predict (MORE)

What is an anomaly in geophysical exploration?

  In geophysical exploration, an "anomaly" is simply a deviation from an expected geophysical background measurement.   "Anomalies" can result either from a real, physi (MORE)

How To Use Anomaly in a sentence?

The five leaf clover she found in the yard is certainly an anomaly. She attended law school back in the days when a female lawyer was anomaly. We don't have many tall people i (MORE)