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Use a sentence with the word antediluvian?

Antediluvian Strictly speaking, "Antediluvian" means before The Flood depicted in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. In modern parlance, it used to describe something which ( Full Answer )
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Make a sentence using 'antediluvian'?

The antediluvian drains were clogged so the rain flooded thestreets. My grandmother's ideas about gender-role steryotypes areantediluvian; she still believes that women shoul ( Full Answer )
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Who are antediluvians?

They are the people who lived prior to the worldwide flood. See the story of Noah's Ark in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The term 'antediluvian' is also used to refer to ( Full Answer )
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Which type of context clue is not provided for the word antediluvian in the following sentence Many antediluvian stories handed down through written and oral histories are still debated and challenged?

Definitions or explanations for the word antediluvian in theexample sentence are absent. The only context clue in the sentenceis "stories handed down through written and oral ( Full Answer )
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What is the path I should take when my grandmother's old-fashioned ideas such as abstinence until marriage seemed antediluvian to me I discovered many modern thinkers who agreed with her?

Up until the 60's most young people did not live together and many did not engage in a sexual relationship before marriage (although secretly there were some that did) but, ba ( Full Answer )
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Why did it take God so long to give the Ten Commandments and allow the antediluvian world to function without guidance?

The Bible reveals that: "...DEATH came into the world THROUGH A MAN, ADAM... everyone DIESbecause ALL OF US ARE RELATED TO ADAM, the first man..." (ICor.15:21-22 NLT New Liv ( Full Answer )