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What is anti-anthropocentric?

I would begin with a definition of anthropocentrism. My casual definition of anthropocentrism would be a sort of human chauvinism. It is in essence the belief that humans are (MORE)

Who was the speaker in the American flag shirt at the anti-war rally in movie Forrest Gump?

Abbie Hoffman, a real-life antiwar protester is the character who is wearing the American flag shirt and speaks at the rally in Washington, D.C., in the movie, Forrest Gump ( (MORE)

What is anti meridian?

An Anti-Meridian is a meridian opposite any given meridian of longitude. Specifically the Anti-Meridian is the 180th meridian. That is the meridian opposite of the Prime Mer (MORE)

What is anti-dependence?

Statement S2 is anti-dependent on statement S1 if S2 follows S1 in program order and if the output of S2 overlaps the input of S1. The anti-dependence S1 to S2 define as cross (MORE)

How was imperialism inconsistent with basic American principles according to anti-imperialist arguments?

The Moral and Political argument was that expansion was rejection  of the nation's founding principle of "Liberty for all." Some  thought imperialism was another type of rac (MORE)
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What is anti ghosting?

helps you combine several keys at the same time or create your own hot keys
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Who is the anti-Christ?

The anti-Christ refers to anybody whose teachings are in opposition to those of Jesus Christ.    The Bible really does not say anything specific about where the  Antichr (MORE)

Why is ACORN actually a communist group who is Anti American and a evil socialist organization?

First, this question repeats a common but discredited myth. ACORN was not a "communist group" nor did it ever have ties to communism. It also was not "anti-American" nor was i (MORE)

What is anti configuration?

The anti-conformation of a Newman Projection is a conformation where there is not torsional strain due to steric hinderence. This is acheived by pacing the R (organic) groups (MORE)