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Are oars levers?

Yes! Third-class. The input force is where your hands are, the fulcrum is the oarlock/rigger, and the output force is where the blade acts on the water. Good question!
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What is an oar?

It is an implement used to paddle a boat, in order to move it along in the water. There are many different types for different boats.
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What are metal oars?

Metal ores are metallic elements found in compounds with other elements in nature. These ores are then separated to produce pure metals.
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Holder for an oar?

There are 2 parts to an oar holder. The first part is the rigger which is attached to the side of the shell. The second part is the oar lock which swivels with the stroke and ( Full Answer )
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What does an oar fish eat?

Small creatures like krill and plankton,though it could probably eat a human if it was big enough
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What is the fulcrum of an oar?

an old shoe It would be the point at which the oar is sitting in the oar lock.
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Use the word oar in a sentence?

You not only use the oars to move forward, but you can use an oar to steer or turn the boat.
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How long was pi on the oar?

Well, since pi is usually based on a circle, most of us won't know what pi is on a an oar. That can be a good question and challenging for others.
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How is an oar a lever?

Imagine a giant rock, what is the most efficient way of lifting this rock (obviously without machinery)? The simple answer would be to use a lever, put the end of the bar unde ( Full Answer )
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What is an oar made of?

Depends on what the oar is for. Mostly made of wood. Sometimes plastic. Fiberglass. Titanium. Really depends on the boat and the quality.