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What is an Appellant?

a person who applies to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court
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What is the meaning of Appellations?

An 'appellation' is a protected name or title. Usually found on alcoholic beverages where the label indicates the type of ingredients and the region they originate from.
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What is appellate jurisdiction?

Courts with appellate jurisdiction only hear cases that have been brought to them on appeal from a lower court. This means that the case has already gone through one trial bef ( Full Answer )
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What do appellate courts do?

Appellate courts do not try cases, have juries, witnesses, or court reporters. They review actions or decisions of the trial courts by reviewing the record on questions of law ( Full Answer )
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What does appellate mean?

Appellate implies that it has to do with the appeals process. Forinstance, an appellate court can hear cases that wish to beappealed.
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What has appellate jurisdiction?

The appelate court circuits AND the Supreme Court of either the state or federal governments - depending in which level of the court system the case was originally heard.
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Who is an appellate lawyer?

An appellate lawyer is one who specializes in handling cases in the Appellate and Supreme Court of the various state and federal court systems. They assume responsibility for ( Full Answer )
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What is appellate system?

The appellate system reviews decisions made by the trial court. For example, suppose a trial court grants a motion to allow certain evidence at trial. The person who did not w ( Full Answer )
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What is an appellate brief?

When a case is resolved by the lower trial court, the losing party can appeal that decision to a higher, reviewing court. The lawyers for each side submit briefs, which are wr ( Full Answer )
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What is the appellate process?

The appellate process is the process in which a defendant is trieda second time in a court of law due to errors of law, fact, orprocedure.