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What is an aquacultural veterinarian?

An aquacultural veterinarian is a vet who specializes in takingcare of aquatic animals. Some of the animals they treat are seaturtles and fish. They can treat the animal's wou ( Full Answer )
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What does aquacultured mean?

aquacultured means the organisms that are grown in freshwater or salt water. the organisms are grown on purpose that's why they use the word "cultured".
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What are the disadvantages of aquaculture?

It depends on what form of aquaculture. species such as salmon and those that are carnivorous and actually require feed derived from wild fish. The amount of captured fish to ( Full Answer )
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What is an aquaculture creature?

its a organism that is kept in a man made environment. Organisms such a redclaw crayfish, oysters and barramundi.
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What is aquaculture all about?

i believe that aquaculture is about water and marine life i think this because of the name aquaculture and aqua is water.
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What is cage aquaculture?

placing a huge cage in open sea and let the fish grow inside thecage naturally
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What is both aquaculture and aquaponics?

Aquaculture is raising aquatic living things, usually fish andusually for food. Aquaponics includes an aquaculture system, but adds raisingvegetables hydroponically to it. Hyd ( Full Answer )
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What is extensive aquaculture?

extensive aquaculture is low production, low cost aquaculture. An example of this would be if you had a pond for raising Tilapia in Africa, and were only raising them to feed ( Full Answer )
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How can you use aquaculture in a sentence?

Aquaculture means raising food in an underwater "farm." Here are some sentences. . We raised enough food by aquaculture to last for the winter. . He tried aquaculture, but ( Full Answer )
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How has aquaculture changed?

The aquaculture changes have made steady growth and gain of production in Chinas food and security policy. The fishery sector has benefiting from the early market and price li ( Full Answer )