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What is the Arian controversy?

The Arian controversy describes a divine philosophy and theology. According to the Arian viewpoint, "Jesus Christ was neither truly divine nor truly human, neither God nor man (MORE)

How did Arianism affect the early Church?

  Arianism arose at the start of the fourth century CE, when the Church was seeking to determine what they meant by Jesus as the Son of God and to define his divinity. Ar (MORE)

What was the Arian heresy?

The late third century and early part of the fourth were a period in which members of the Church were trying to define the divinity of Jesus. Trinitarianism, the doctrine tha (MORE)

What is an ariane?

An ariane is a rocket, built by the French-led multi-national consortium ArianeSpace.   Designed for the launch of communication satellites to geo-stationary orbits, more t (MORE)

What was Arianism?

Arianism: a heresy holding that Jesus Christ was a mere created being and not equal with the Father, was and still is, rightly condemned . This heresy has been refuted early i (MORE)

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What is Arianism?

Arianism was an early heresy against orthodoxy in the Christian  Church. It denied the deity of Jesus Christ stating that he was a  created being rather than a part of the T (MORE)

How was Arianism different from Catholicism?

Answer   The orthodox (Catholic) Christian Church had come to accept that Jesus was uncreated and equal to God the Father. Arius, a popular Libyan priest, declared that J (MORE)