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What does the AR in enfamil AR stand for?

Added rice starch. It thickens once it hit the acid in the stomach. Actually the A.R. stands for Acid Reflux. This product is specifically designed for babies who suffer from (MORE)

Who is Ares?

Ares is the Greek god of War (Roman form: Mars) He is the son of Zeus and Hera, and half brother to Athena. In the legend, he is well known for having an affair with Aphrodite (MORE)

What is an example of Ars Poetica?

There are many examples. This is from a professor from UC Berkely.   just think about your feelings about poetry, jot the (MORE)

Summary of ars poetica?

In the first section, he insists that a poem should be 'silent', dumb' or wordless. This seems contradictory or paradoxical as a poem uses words and is not silent. However, wh (MORE)

What are the different images that the poet had used in the poem ars poetica?

  There are countless sources of imagery that MacLeish put in this poem. One of them is in the first stanza. The "globed fruit" is being compared to a poem. A fruit is jui (MORE)
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What is the AR?

the ar is a card for what ever system you want it for.It let's you cheat on your games that you usually can't cheat on.

Did Ares have children?

Yes Ares had: Eros with Aphrodite Anteros with Aphrodite Phobos with Aphrodite Deimos with Aphrodite Harmonia with Aphrodite Adrestia with Aphrodite Phlegyas with Chryse or D (MORE)

What is Ares' symbol?

Ares was the Greek God of War who was symbolized by a burning torch, spear, dogs (and sometimes dogs' heads), and vultures. his symbol of power though is a boar's head.