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What are the different images that the poet had used in the poem ars poetica?

  There are countless sources of imagery that MacLeish put in this poem. One of them is in the first stanza. The "globed fruit" is being compared to a poem. A fruit is jui (MORE)

What does the AR in enfamil AR stand for?

The A.R. stands for Acid Reflux. This product is specifically  designed for babies who suffer from frequent spit-up. It is true  that rice starch is added to thicken the for (MORE)

Who is Ares?

Ares is the Greek god of War (Roman form: Mars) He is the son of Zeus and Hera, and half brother to Athena. In the legend, he is well known for having an affair with Aphrodite (MORE)

What is Ares' symbol?

Ares was the Greek God of War who was symbolized by a burningtorch, spear, dogs (and sometimes dogs' heads), and vultures. Someuse the symbol for the planet Mars for the god M (MORE)

Who were the parents of Ares?

First of all, Ares is a Greek myth. Ares is the god of war. He was disliked by both parents. He was admired by Athena his half sister for his looks as he was good looking;she (MORE)

What is an AR reconciliation?

Assuming "AR" refers to "Accounts Receivable" (an accounting/finance term) it can mean several things. Prinicipally, AR reconciliation has to do with double-checking that the (MORE)

Summary of ars poetica?

In the first section, he insists that a poem should be 'silent', dumb' or wordless. This seems contradictory or paradoxical as a poem uses words and is not silent. However, wh (MORE)

What is Ares Personality?

  Ares was some what of a whimp he would go out to a sensless battle and when hurt he would run home to Zeus for magic ountment. He was also very proud and cocky. He was i (MORE)