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What does 750 Gold 1-AR UNO-AR mean?

750/1000 = 750 means it's 18k gold / 1000 would be 24k UNO-AR is for the designer = Uno A Erre a very well known Jeweler in Italy. 24k - 1000 20k - 875 18k - 750 16k - 625 1 (MORE)

What is an AR reconciliation?

Assuming "AR" refers to "Accounts Receivable" (an accounting/finance term) it can mean several things. Prinicipally, AR reconciliation has to do with double-checking that the (MORE)

Are Ares music downloads legal?

The music downloads are legal if download from legal sites where you will probably have to pay a nominal amount.    The music downloads using torrents or from forums ar (MORE)

What is Ares Personality?

  Ares was some what of a whimp he would go out to a sensless battle and when hurt he would run home to Zeus for magic ountment. He was also very proud and cocky. He was i (MORE)

What was Ares in charge of?

He was the God of War. He was in charge of the violent or physical aspect of war.
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Who were the parents of Ares?

First of all, Ares is a Greek myth. Ares is the god of war. He was disliked by both parents. He was admired by Athena his half sister for his looks as he was good looking;she (MORE)

What are Ares' weapons?

Well, Ares weapons are practically anything, since he is the god of war. He does prefer either a sword or a spear and shield.
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Who is Ares?

Ares is the Greek god of War (Roman form: Mars) He is the son of Zeus and Hera, and half brother to Athena. In the legend, he is well known for having an affair with Aphrodite (MORE)

What is Ares' symbol?

Ares was the Greek God of War who was symbolized by a burning torch, spear, dogs (and sometimes dogs' heads), and vultures. his symbol of power though is a boar's head.
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How do you get from Jonesboro AR to Eureka Springs AR?

219 mi - about 5 hours 46 mins driving time.   Jonesboro, AR, USA to Eureka Springs, AR, USA  1. Head west on Cate Ave toward S Main St/US-49 BUS N 177 ft   2 (MORE)