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Would artificial respiration save a person who has cyanide poisoning?

No it would not. Cyanide poisoning affects the ability of cells to use oxygen for aerobic respiration. Cyanide acts by inhibiting a molecule involved in this process. Giving a (MORE)

What is artificial cognition?

Cognition is the development of information to knowledge. The act of cognition consists of representing and transforming information. This can be done by sensing something dir (MORE)

What is artificial inflation?

Artificial Inflation is inflation caused by a single person or group of people buying out most of the items of one kind and reselling them at a higher price.
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What you get from respiration?

we get energy from respiration   Energy production is the main goal. CO2 and water are bi products
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What is an artificial ecosystem?

  An artificial ecosystem is an ecosystem made by man. An artificial ecosystem is something like an animal reserve or a giant terrarium, one example, a zoo.
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How do you respire?

The brain sends a signal to the muscles located around the lungs to push on the lungs to expand. The lungs draw in oxygen (or bad particles like smoke) and it oxygenates the b (MORE)