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What present day invention would astonish Benjamin Franklin the most?

I think Franklin would love the computer. He was a person who was a creative thinker and inventor. He was so forward thinking he left a bank account for the city of Philadelph (MORE)

What is the theme of The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing?

Like any important work of literature, there are many themes. The most prominent themes in this book include: questions of identity, rationalism vs. emotionalism, and pursuit (MORE)

What is the chapter 3 summary of the wine of astonishment?

The church plays a vital role in this chapter. The pride that is felt about its existence and perseverance is expressed by Eva. However, a law is passed that makes the church (MORE)

What is the meaning of astonishment?

Amazement, the feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising; "he looked at me in astonishment" overpowering wonder or surprise; amazement: He looked with astonish (MORE)

What is bolo's character in a wine of astonishment?

Bolo is a warrior and he direct the people to the path of empowerment Bolo was a stick fighter and as such represents the warrior spirit. He is aggressive by nature and choo (MORE)

What was a astonishing miracle that Jesus perfromed?

Jesus performed MANY miracles...he caused the blind to see, the lame to walk. My personal favorite is John 6:5-15--the fishes and the loaves. Jesus fed 5,000 + people with 5 l (MORE)