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What is the difference between ltd and pvt ltd?

There are lots of differences. The major factor is number of shareholders and shareholding pattern. In Pvt. Ltd. Company the share holders comprise of close group of friends a (MORE)
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Is IKEA an ltd?

yes it has a limited liability and yes it is it is owned by family and friends (1-50) people

What is the difference between a Ltd company and a none Ltd company?

  Ltd is an abbreviation for Limited Liability; a limited company has limits to its liability; if the company goes bankrupt, or is sued, the liability does not extend to t (MORE)

What does Ltd stands for?

Private Limited Company are on type of limited company. Thier business name ends in limited or LTD. In a business context, it is the abbreviation for "Limited", which in tur (MORE)

What is the difference between Ltd and Inc?

Ltd, which is a limited liability company, is typically smaller  than one with Inc., or one that has been incorporated. The  liability for each partner in a Ltd organization (MORE)

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