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What if there were no atmosphere?

Simply put, if there were no atmosphere, there would be no life on Earth! The atmosphere protects the surface from the intensity of the sun's radiation, because gases and aero (MORE)

What is an atmosphere?

Not to be confused with "the atmosphere", an atmosphere is a unit of measurement. It is used to measure Air Pressure. One atmosphere is equivalent to 101,325 Pascals. More (MORE)

What are tides?

A tide is the daily rise and fall of Earth's waters. Tides occur in all bodies of water (even a puddle or a cup). The tides are caused by the interaction between the Earth's, (MORE)

What causes tides and How do spring tides and neap tides differ?

Tides are cause by the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun.   Spring tides are when the Moon and the Sun are perfectly aligned,  in line, which gives a higher tide (MORE)
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Why do you have tide?

normally tides are caused due to the gravitational forces put upon on the earth by the moon and the sun,and hence we have low and high tides based on the forces applied on the (MORE)

Why are spring tide the biggest tide?

They are not the biggest. They are higher than mean tides (12 year average) because the moon and sun are aligned thereby exerting greater than normal gravitational pull twice (MORE)

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What is the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is a gaseous envelope (with suspended liquids and  solids) that surrounds the Earth and is held in place by gravity.  The atmosphere is very thin compared to (MORE)

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