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What is an AU?

An AU is an Astronomical Unit. \n1 AU is 92 955 887.6 miles.\n= 149 598 000 kilometers\n. \nIt is the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun.
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What is an Au Pair?

An au- pair is usually a young person who works watching your children while living with you for a certain period of time, and as treated the same way as one of the family mem ( Full Answer )
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What is an AU fanfic?

An AU fanfic is when the fanfiction is set in an 'Alternate Universe' [hence the acronym]. For example, an AU fanfic of Harry Potter could star Harry living as a student th ( Full Answer )
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How is an au described?

One AU, or "Astronomical Unit", is the average distance between the Sun and the Earth.
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What is au gratin?

Au gratin is a culinary style of topping a dish with a cream sauce or creamy cheese sauce and herbed bread crumbs. Au gratin does not necessarily mix the sauce all the way thr ( Full Answer )
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What is AU?

AU is an abbreviation for a number of things. It can refer to Australia, the Angstrom Unit, the Astronomical Unit, and the Arithmetic Unit. In addition, it can refer to Auburn ( Full Answer )
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What is Neptunes AU?

Neptune's distance form the Sun is 30.1 astronomical units, or AU.This is also 2.8 billion miles and 4.5 billion kilometers.
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What does au represent?

Either the chemical symbol for gold (Au) or astromnomical unit which the average distance from the Earth to the Sun (~93 million miles)
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Is Au a cation?

Au on it's own is a neutral atom, though it can form cations such as Au 3+
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What is Earths AU?

An AU or astronomical unit is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun. So, the Earth's distance from the Sun is one AU.