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What is an AU?

An AU is an Astronomical Unit. \n1 AU is 92 955 887.6 miles.\n= 149 598 000 kilometers\n. \nIt is the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun.

What does .AU stand for?

AU could be Australia or the Scientific abbreviation for Gold. . Apparently, since the writer has the dot in front of AU, it represents the web designation for Australia (MORE)

What is the au-pair?

An au pair (in the USA) is a young person between the ages of 18-26 who resides with an American host family for one year in exchange for performing up to 45 hours of childcar (MORE)
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What is AU?

AU is an abbreviation for a number of things. It can refer to Australia, the Angstrom Unit, the Astronomical Unit, and the Arithmetic Unit. In addition, it can refer to Auburn (MORE)

What is 1.5 AU?

1.5 AU is equal to: . 224,397,000 kilometres . 139,433,831 miles . 748.5 light seconds . 12.47 light minutes.
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What is au? is an adult dating site. With the letters 'au' in the web address, it is the initials for Australia. So simply put, it's a dating website in the country of Austr (MORE)

What is the AU of an asteroids?

There are millions of asteroids and all are not the same distance from the sun. The asteroid belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, is the main region but there are oth (MORE)

What is 1.49 au?

AU is a measure of distance meaning astronomical unite. AU is the average distance from the sun to the earth (average because the earths orbit of the sun is not a perfect circ (MORE)