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Summarize the cause of Auroras on Earth?

The aurora on the Earth is caused by solar storms from the sun hitting the earth and being attracted to the Earth's magnetic feild. these solar storms is what causes the amazi (MORE)

What is Aurora Australia?

  An Aurora Australis or an Aurora Borealis occurs when streams of particles from the sun's solar winds hit the earth's atmosphere at an angle (as can only happen at the p (MORE)

How is and aurora borealis different from and aurora australis?

Aurora Borealis occurs in northern parts of the world. Aurora Australis in southern parts of the world. Borealis is more known because there are more places and people to see (MORE)

What is the Aurora Australis?

Aurora Australis means "Southern Lights", the opposite to "Aurora Borealis" in the north. (Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn, (similar to the Greek goddess Eos) and Austral (MORE)

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What is Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th state of The United States of America, and is one of the midwestern states.    It is also the 36th largest state, and has about 11.5 million residents! (MORE)
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What produces Auroras?

The auroras occur when charged particles collide with Earths magnetosphere, which causes the lightshow in the ionosphere.
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What are Auroras and how do they form?

Auroras are light displays that occur mostly near the poles when gases in Earth's atmosphere glow when hit by charged particles carried by solar winds.
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Where can you see Auroras borealis?

It depends. When they do happen, near the magnetic North pole is  best. It also depends on how strong they are. Sometimes they can be  seen well south of the North Pole, int (MORE)