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Which Australian city was founded in 1836 and named after the wife of King William IV?

Adelaide, capital of South Australia, was named after Queen Adelaide, a German princess. She was the wife of William IV, the English king who reigned from 1830 until he died i (MORE)
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How many breed Australian parrots in a year?

i have a colony of more than fifty pairs most of them breed four times in a year and remaining 3 time in pakistani weather. i am providing fan and heater to them and getting f (MORE)
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What to do if parrot has lice?

Give them lots of baths in warm shallow water. If they don't like bathes then you can put some water in a spray bottle and give them a nice mist. Pet stores have sprays that y (MORE)

How do you tell how many pearls an Australian King George V coin has?

Coin dealers use the term "8 pearls" or a lesser number, to describe the condition of the obverse of George V (1911-1936) coins (not only Pennies) with a crowned effigy.  The (MORE)
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Parrots name in Lion King?

The bird in The Lion King, Zazu, is actually a hornbill, not a  parrot. The only Disney movie that features a parrot as a character  is Aladdin. The parrot in that film is n (MORE)
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How expensive can parrots be?

The prices of parrots vary greatly with the type of parrot. A budgie can be bought for as little as $20 for the bird though a Norwegian Blue Macaw can be as much as $6500-1200 (MORE)

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