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Who was Idi Amin?

Muslim Dictator of Uganda 1971-1979. Responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of his countrymen and women. Died August 2003. Idi Amin Dada, who became known as the (MORE)

What does amin mean?

it means truthful and trustworthy. amin is a name, and a powerful and lucky name to some religions. but people that have that name are not always so nice like my brother his n (MORE)

What is aminization process?

Aminization is the first step in soil mineralization in which proteins are broken down into amino acids such as NH4+. Heterotrophic organisms (require carbon); bacteria and f (MORE)
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What is axite?

An axite is any of the terminal branches of an axon. (An axon is a usually long and single nerve-cell process that usually conducts impulses away from the cell body.
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