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What is a turkey knuckle?

Patellas of turkeys the knee joints.   They are very flavorful and remind you of oxtails in that you can  not imagine how much meat it on it. We have been asking here in (MORE)

How do you knuckle your forehead?

  To knuckle one's forehead refers to an old method of showing respect, somewhat like bowing or saluting. Peasants in medieval times would touch the knuckles of their hand (MORE)
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What are brass knuckles?

they are knuckles made of brass that really hurt if you get hit by them
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Who is Knuckles girlfriend?

he dates and partners (not marry) Julie-Su in the comics and they have a daughter together. but in the game "Sonic and the Dark Brotherhood" it has been said that he had feeli (MORE)

Why do knuckles crack?

Answer   Tiny bubbles of gas, which is made of nitrgen and oxigen build up in the joints. It is these you hear popping to make the cracking sound.
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When wiring a box for a three-prong 6-30 240V plug where does the bare ground go?

  Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.   Tie the bare ground onto the ground screw in the back of the box then tie green wire (MORE)
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How do you get a knuckles chao?

  well there are two ways to get a knuckles chao 1 use an action replay but if you don't have one try getting a red chao on make it an neutral none chao and give it boars (MORE)

Where was knuckles born?

He was born on a floating island in the sky known as "Angle Island" and there is were he guards the master emerald which keeps the same island afloat.
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What is a knuckle dragger?

  I think you mean knuckle dagger, and it's like a knuckle puncher ( bronze knuckle) but it also has a small blade on the edge.   Leaf Ninja Out!   Sincerely, Ichigo (MORE)

How do you install ceiling fan with black red white and bare wire from mounting box to a blue black white and green from fan?

What you have in the box, if things are done as expected, is either the black wire or red wire is switched on the wall and the other is often on all the time. You can check th (MORE)