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What is baroque?

Baroque is a term often used with music. Baroque was a period of  art history characterized be dotted musical rhythms.

What is the baroque period?

the baroque period is a period in which the art and architecture in the world was also very ornate and fancy. During the Baroque period, royalty and church leaders were focuse (MORE)

Who was baroque?

There is no one called baroque; it is an era of music, first of the four most widely-known eras.
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What are Baroque Pearls?

Baroque pearls are the oddballs - they come in endless irregular shapes that don't fit in the other categories. They are considered the least valuable of all the pearl shapes. (MORE)

What color is Baroque?

The color name Baroque specifically means a rich bright red on the orange side. Like a scarlet(orange red) or blood red. In the Baroque period (1500 to 1600 ac) paint pigme (MORE)

What does a baroque mean?

Baroque is not so much a thing as it is an era in musical history. The baroque era was after rennisance and before classical. This era gave birth to the famous J.S. Bach.
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What is the Baroque style?

Johann Sebastian Bach's music provides the best example of this. It is better to just listen to Bach than to read a written description of the baroque style. Wonderful composi (MORE)