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Why was baroque music important?

The Baroque music era was the era of some of the world's greatest composers, including Handel, Bach, Purcell, Monteverdi, Cavalli and Rameau. It was written to uplift and glor (MORE)

What are the composers of the baroque era?

The Baroque era in music is generally regarded to have covered the period from 1600 - 1760. There are a great number of composers who were writing music during this period (pr (MORE)

Is baroque music classical music?

Answer 1: No it isn't Answer 2: Technically no. Baroque music belongs to its own period, the Baroque period (1600-1760). It was followed by the Classical period (1750-1830). (MORE)

What came after the baroque music period?

After Baroque comes the Classical Era which is not to be confused with the Classical music in general. This era gave birth to musical giants such as Haydn, Mozart and Beethove (MORE)

What is baroque pop?

I'm not sure if this is what you mean but, baroque is not the same as pop. Baroque was very popular in the 17th century, I'm pretty sure that pop wasn't. It was written by (MORE)

Was there successful women composers in the baroque?

YES! Quite a few women composers were very famous at the time and made a living as performers and composers, if that is how you define success. Do a search for "Baroque Women (MORE)

Who made baroque music?

Nobody in particular 'made' Baroque music, but in the early 1600's, medieval music began to evolve and became more structured. The baroque era (1600-1750) saw the creation of (MORE)

What is a baroque oratorio?

An oratorio is a large musical composition comprised of an orchestra, a choir and soloists. Similar to an opera in the story telling, but different in it is just music not si (MORE)