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What does bawl mean?

  Bawl means to cry, unless it is used as "bawl (someone) out," in which case it means to yell at them.   Cry
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What is the difference between mumbling and bawling?

Mumbling is speaking in a low, inaudible manner which makes it hard to tell what the person is saying. Bawling is crying.
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What is the antonyms for bawl?

buttoned up, clammed up, close, close-mouthed, could hear a pin drop, dumb, hushed, hushful, inaudible, low, low-pitched, muffled, mute, muted, noiseless, not saying boo, peac (MORE)

Why do calves bawl?

A young calf will bawl to find his mother if he lost her and cannot see her. He will bawl if he is hungry, if he doesn't have a mother right there to serve him. He will even b (MORE)