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What does the beak of an octopus do?

The answer to your question "what does the beak of an octopus do" is... The beak of an octopus helps it to eat. The tentacles help grab the food and then they put the food in (MORE)
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Why do ducks have beaks?

Ducks need beaks for several reasons, firstly to scoop food from underneath weeds, to mate properly and to kill you if you make stupid questions. Look out when you sit down. H (MORE)

Why do manatees have beaks?

Manatees don't have beaks. There mouths are somewhat like a like a pugs in a way the way they are squashed in, it's much less narrow though.
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How beak PS3?

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What color are beaks?

It usually depends on the type of bird. Large birds such as the toucan or puffin have orange beaks. While smaller birds tend to have black brown, neutral color beaks, etc.

Does the platypus have a beak?

The platypus does not have a beak. It has a bill. The platypus's bill is covered with thousands of tiny electroreceptor cells, which enable it to detect the electrical impu (MORE)

What do bird do with their beaks?

They use them to eat. They can typically peck small items and sometimes reach things in between tight vines or branches with their beaks that they would not other wise be able (MORE)
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What is a duck beak for?

it's for dactyl - It may serve the following unusual purpose (as recounted by the American actor Christopher Walken): Daisy Duck goes to the make-up counter where she choo (MORE)
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Does it have a beak?

Birds have a beak like a bluejay seagull or other birds, humans do not have a beak unless they have a big nose