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What are bills or beaks?

Bills or beaks suitable for kinds of food they eat. Some birds like  Eagles have hooked beaks to tear the flesh of their prey ; some  birds have short,thin beaks to capture (MORE)
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Why do eagles have beaks?

the eagle's beak is for, like ll birds, eating. the eagle's beak with the point on the end is especially used for tearing the meat off the prey( rodents, fish,) to eat.

What is a pigeons beak for?

The pigeon beak is mainly used for feeding .It is through the beak  that the grains are collected and guided towards the gullet .The  beak is also used by the pigeons to cle (MORE)

Beaks of birds?

The beak of a bird is called a beak, bill, or rostrum. The bird  uses it for killing prey and eating, probing for food, grooming,  fighting, and feeding their young.

What does the beak of an octopus do?

The answer to your question "what does the beak of an octopus do" is... The beak of an octopus helps it to eat. The tentacles help grab the food and then they put the food in (MORE)

Does an octopus have a beak?

Yes an octopus does have a beak. Sorry wackys out there that think octopuses don't have beaks but they do. Sorry to disappoint you. They eat with their beaks! Yes, the only (MORE)
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Do bats have beaks?

NO (The Leisler's Bat Nyctalus leisleri who's home is in South County Dublin, Ireland has a beak)
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Why do dolphin have beak?

Ok, I'm pretty sure dolphins don't have beaks. They have noses though. But its to eat, smell, and basically all the other functions your mouth and nose have. All except for br (MORE)
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Why does skullkid have a beak?

This is a question I've been asking myself. I want to believe there  is a connection to the Rito in Wind Waker but that seems unlikely.  BUt also the only thing I can unders (MORE)