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Describe the bear flag rebellion?

The Bear Flag Revolt took place in California, while Mexico still had control of it. While US and Mexico were feuding, John Fremont, a US army major, began encouraging the Ame (MORE)

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Why is there a bear on california's flag?

In the early years of CA the California brown bear roamed the state. It was everywhere and there were so many that the Spanish would dig a pit and put a bear/bull in the pit t (MORE)

Who was involved in the bear flag revolt?

The two parties involved in the Bear Flag Revolt were the  government of Mexico and a group of settlers in California. The  settlers wanted to be independent from Mexico. Th (MORE)

What is the green flag revolt?

The Green Flag Revolt or Revolution was sparked by the Spanish who  inhabited Texas. Gutierrez De Lara wanted power, and appealed to  the Americans leanings towards a more l (MORE)