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What is a beat?

When listening to a song, you may find yourself tapping yourfoot or moving in a regular manner. If so, you were responding tothe "beats" of the music. Beats are the regular, r (MORE)

What is Beat it about?

It is about the futility of gang violence, and how you should walk away from violent confrontation rather than fight and die or get hurt.

How much beats does your heart beat?

In order to answer this properly, you will need to clarify the question. The sentence makes no sense what so ever. I can say the average adult human heart beats 60-100 times a (MORE)
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Why are 2 beats in our heart beat?

We hear the "lub" and the "dub" called S1 and S2 because of theclosure of our heart valves. The S1 is produced when our Mitral andTricuspid (M1 and T1 components) valves close (MORE)