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Is wave nouveau like carefree curl?

No. They are different. I had a wave nouveau for years and it made my hair curly but there was no movement or bounce in it. I switched to a Carefree curl and my hair (the hair (MORE)
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Can you straighten Wave Nouveau permed hair?

No, because if you used a flatiron it will like brun your  hair.because of the hair care pruducts if you read on the bottle  flamable.hope this answers you question
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What does wave Nouveau perm do to your hair look like?

Well is depends because i use wave Nouveau and it makes my hair straight and shiny.But they do have a curly wave Nouveau and that makes it look kind like a Jerry Curl but it w (MORE)

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Where did art nouveau start?

Art Nouveau began in London and came from the British art movement called the Arts and Crafts movement.
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Why did art nouveau end?

Art Nouveau ended when the 20th-century modernists replaced it with newer styles. Although Art Nouveau never officially ended, it is now considered an important movement betwe (MORE)