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How do you care for begonia?

Begonia plants take plenty of tender loving care. They need to have their dead flowers, leaves, and stems removed during the growing season. They also require fertilizer every (MORE)

How do you grow begonias?

To grow begonias, plant them in a spot that gets sun at least 5 or  6 hours a day. Make sure to give them plenty of water, but allow  them to dry out between waterings. Only (MORE)

Are begonias perennials?

If you live in zones 9-11, begonia plants would grow as a perennial. In all other hardiness zones, they are grown as annuals.
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Who is ruby begonia?

Do da name Ruby Begonia ring a familiar note? The name, Ruby Begonia, evidently originated on the 1950's TV broadcast of the show, Amos 'n' Andy. Years later, comedian Fl (MORE)

Is begonia yellow or pink?

Begonia is usually pink. I currently have four shades of yellow, three shades of red, three shades of orange, four shades of pink and white begonias in my collection.
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How can you produce more flowers on a begonia?

The trick to growing begonia's is making sure a few of the flowers' needs are met. First remember that too much sun will cause burning and wilting. If they don't get enough in (MORE)