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Is below a noun?

No, below is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb and a preposition, a word that links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. Examples: Adverb: He crawle (MORE)

What is a revolution from below?

  A revolution from below is when the working class population of a nation rebel against the hierchy to gain a revolution. A revolution is a complete overthrow of an estab (MORE)

What is below a black belt?

Answer: 1st grade (belt color may vary, but is often either brown or red) The Black Belt represents a "Dan" (pronounced "dahn") or degree level of expertise. Under the Black B (MORE)

What is a sentence with below?

I swam below the bridge  I see fish below the bridge  place the ball below the bottom shelf  plese complete all answers below that picture  I am writting this sentence bel (MORE)

What does the idiomatic expression 'to hit below the belt' mean?

To hit below the belt means to hit someone in the groin. A 'low  blow' means the same thing. The expression comes from boxing, but  can equally applied to martial arts, foot (MORE)

What is Latin for below?

  Latin words for below: infra (+acc. or adj) subter supter, inferus, inferi (those down below)
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What star is below Orion's belt?

  Right below (under) Orion's belt is the Orion Nebula- when viewed with the naked eye it looks just like a star- but it is actually consists of many star(s), dust & cloud (MORE)
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Is below an adverb?

The word below can be an adjective, adverb or preposition. It is an  adverb in the sentence:   "To see another example, look below."
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