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Is a bent pinky finger hereditary?

My son has two bent pinkies, I noticed it the day he was born. Mine are not, but they are not perfectly straight either-also he is very thin so it is more noticeable. My mothe (MORE)
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How was the Bent Tower of Pisa Bent?

The tower is not bent. It is leaning, hence the name "Leaning Tower of Pisa". It is leaning because it was not built on stable grounds. The earth beneath it has compressed fro (MORE)

Where did markus persson go to college?

he was self taught. which means he did not go to any school to  learn programming, or Action Script. He jus sat on his Commodore  128 all day and programmed himself. but the (MORE)
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Cure for a bent spine?

There are many different types of spine problems that may be called  a bent spine. Some are kyphosis and scoliosis. A treatment for  scoliosis or kyphosis can be a back brac (MORE)

Can time be bent?

  It's not completely finalized yet, but technically, yes. How do I know this? You should watch "What Time Is It?" on the Science Channel. It's awesome. I watched it last (MORE)