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What is the best non chip dinnerware on the market?

I have been using the Correlle brand of dinnerware for over 20 years and have found it to be very durable and almost chip proof. Unless you go with a cheap melamine type dinne (MORE)
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What does dinnerware contain?

dinnerware contains or include plates,glasses,and all the utensils use when eating. by Benedict de guzman
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Is there any dinnerware made in US?

Yes, HF Coors located in Tucson, Arizona is the last full line American Made Dinnerware company producing over 1000 shapes, colors and patterns in dinnerware. Available to ret (MORE)

Marks on your dinnerware?

Marks on your dinnerware (very common on types of stoneware with hard glazes) are caused by particles left from your flatware. They marks are nothing serious and can typically (MORE)
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Who designs Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne dinnerware?

The Pfaltzgraff family seems to have been the designer throughout the 1800's. Their designs are still used today despite the ownership of the original company changing.
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How durable are the Apilco dinnerware?

Apilco dinnerware is very durable, which gives it its high prices. Apilco dinnerware is made from pure porcelain, using five raw materials often used in making porcelain objec (MORE)