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What is Siam flatware made from?

The flatware I have from Siam is from the 1940's and is made from brass with bone on the handle.
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What does IS stand for on flatware?

IS stands for Inlaid silver. ie Holmes and Edwards have a full line of Inlaid silver, which is major improvement over silver palte and the IS is stamped on each piece, usualy ( Full Answer )
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Where is Oneida flatware made?

All flatware is now imported from Indonesia, Vietnam or China. There may be a few leftovers that say USA
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What is the value of your Reed and Barton flatware?

Values vary and depend mainly on whether or not its been reproduced or if its an original. For the most part, no matter the age and designer, it still comes down to what the m ( Full Answer )
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What is Oneida silversmiths flatware worth?

The metal it was made out of. Oneida flatware has little or not value unless it's silver. The company is in a downward spiral & has lost it's reputation as a good flatware man ( Full Answer )
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How do you know when flatware is silver?

Silver usually is stamped with a hallmark - these are odd symbols particular to the jeweller or manufacturer.
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What is the best way to clean silver flatware?

You should hand wash your silver flatware, using a mild soap and a soft cloth. After you rinse it with warm water, you should use a soft cloth to,dry it.
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Where can you purchase Christofle flatware?

Christofle Flatware can be purchased from a wide range of sources. The most popular store is Ebay where it can be bought for low prices ranging from $19 to $79.