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What is a microwave oven?

A microwave oven is a cooking appliance, which is predominantly used for more rapid cooking and heating than some other forms of heating. The heat in a microwave oven comes f (MORE)

Are microwave ovens the same as microwaves?

A microwave is a form of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range between 300 MHz (or 0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. A microwave is also the "shorthand" name we give to a commo (MORE)

Why using the microwave in the microwave oven?

Microwave as we know have a high frequency is 1GHz up to 10^6GHz. Generally it is used in communication because of it's speed nearly light speed. But there is a negative p (MORE)

Can microwaves leak out of a microwave oven?

Yes, microwaves can leak out of a microwave oven. The microwaves  are directed into the cavity (the cooking space) of the oven, but  they can leak around the seal provided b (MORE)

How do microwave ovens generate microwaves?

The microwave generating component of a microwave oven is called a magnetron. The magnetron is actually a vacuum tube (a vacuum diode, actually) that has an associated set of (MORE)

What is better microwave or oven microwave?

This question needs clarification. By definition a "microwave" is a microwave oven. There are Microwave ovens that are built in above a regular stove/oven combination and ther (MORE)