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Is The Bible divine?

Because it contains the word of God as told by his prophets through inspiration.. A: . Not in the Quranic sense. Only God is divine, the Bible contains God's words mediate (MORE)

Did Pharisees accept the Hebrew Bible as divine authority?

Yes, they absolutely did, and they wanted to defend it; they were concerned about the Jews who were eager to assimilate or to abandon Jewish traditions, and wanted to set a go (MORE)

What you understand by divine wisdom with 5 solid scripture backup from the Holy Bible?

A: Divine wisdom has two different meanings in the Bible, the first being the wisdom of God, which he grants to those who follow him, and the second being the divinity of spir (MORE)

What is divine empowerment?

Divine empowerment is the release of God's ability in human beings through the Holy Spirit to accomplish divine objectives. Its purpose is to accomplish the plan of God in any (MORE)

Where can you find a Bible verse with the word 'divine'?

  In the New Living Translation, you can find the word divine in these verses:     Joshua 9:20-This is what we must do. We must let them live, for divine anger woul (MORE)
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What are divine howrses?

Divine howrses are special howrses that are very rare. They include:   Sleipnir    The 8 legged-horse! It can only reproduce when another one disappears. It runs aw (MORE)

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What evidence is there that the Bible is divinely inspired?

It should be noted that there is NO evidence about any religious scripture. Scripture is based on belief. There is certainly evidence that certain people mentioned in the scri (MORE)

When we say that the books of the Bible were written by Divine Inspiration does that mean that God told the authors which exact words to write?

That depends on one's definition of "Divine Inspiration" and some  people would say "yes, God told the authors which exact words to  write".   However to me that would b (MORE)