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How do get a pack on the Big Al game?

  The question at the start of the level determines how large your pack has to be to be allowed to attack the sauropods. If you answer one, you will be allowed to attack t (MORE)

Why was big Al called big?

He was called big because, he was the allosaurus with the most bones discovered (95%).
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Who is big al rank?

big al rank is actually a girl named ali rank. she is exceptionaly beautiful and talented, and has wonderfully sculpted man abbs She is very saucy, and can also be found on ur (MORE)
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Where can you find the big AL game?

It used to be on BBC, But, it was replaced with Planet Dinosaur. I heard it was on some other websites, but, I don't which one's.
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Where can you play big al game?

It used to be on the BBC Science and Nature website, but sadly they took it down and replaced it with Dinosaur Planet for some reason or another. I heard somewhere that it mig (MORE)